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Most women today feel overwhelmed, yet crave meaningful connection. Stonecroft’s Conversation Series provide a safe and authentic place for women to talk about the areas in life where they share common struggles, share scripture, and their own stories of what faith looks like in their own life. Women are able to experience Jesus in a small group setting and begin to follow this Him.

This bundle includes the entire Conversations series:

Rest: Rest invites us to to consider God’s care in the midsts of our stressful, busy world.

Known: Known helps women transcend rejection and find a place where they are truly known for who they are.

Whole: Discover how God wants to heal our brokenness and make us whole, giving us the gifts of joy, freedom, belonging and unconditional love. Discover these gifts for yourself, and show others how to obtain to them.

Enough: Enough explores how God wans to be present and help us embrace who we are rather than what we fear we’re missing. Discover the life that is good and enough.

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