Foundations for Sharing your Faith- Set of 8


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This book is sold in sets of 8.

We know that words have power. God used words to create the world. Words bless or hurt. Words bring life or death. 

This is one of the reasons we find ourselves shying away from sharing our hope in Jesus Christ. We so desperately want people around us to experience God’s love personally, but we fear that we will say the wrong thing. Stonecroft understands that we both long to share and fear the results of being witnesses for God. The Stonecroft Relational Evangelism Coaching program was developed to give you confidence to share the Good News only found in Jesus. This guide is the companion to the Relational Evangelism coaching program and will take you through the four-week coaching, where you will learn to pray evangelistically, widen your relational network map, listen well to those around you, and confidently share why you believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior.

Imagine — your ordinary spark can become the extraordinary flame that lights someone’s heart for Jesus! This
course will show you how.

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