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Do you want to be accepted just for who you are, not what you’ve done or how you look? Do you desire to feel unconditional love? Do you long for someone to connect with in deeper ways?

In a world where acceptance is based on achievements or appearance and where relationships start and stop at the surface, women like you crave to be known deeply just for themselves. Join this conversation that authentically discusses issues about rejection, body image, and genuine relationships. Written by Jessica Leep Fick, Known encourages us to find love and acceptance through God’s eyes.

Known is part of Stonecroft Conversations, a series created to help you connect with other women to discover what Jesus and the Bible say about the most important parts of life. You may be curious, or even skeptical, but exploring these issues with others can lead to rich understanding, close friendships, and spiritual answers. The 4-week format provides stories you’ll relate to, discussion questions, and sections from the Bible that reflect on each topic. Gather with other women to talk about significant things that make a difference.

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